NolaWaterMeter.Com Jewelry by Mark Garcie

Martini Show piece

"MONKEY SHINES"  from a martini show

at Thomas Mann Design, 2004

I'm interested in the "history" and relationship between things we value and the narratives behind them and I try to infuse the objects I make with this feeling by making them look somewhat antique. The humidity in New Orleans makes everything have this patina and I put a finish on all of my work, including the NOLA watermeter jewelery line, which makes it look timeworn, like a contemporary relic.

I work in sterling silver, bronze, copper and brass and use Swarovski and vintage crystals, cultured pearls, several varities of stones as well as vintage and found parts for the drop dangles on the earrings and necklaces. The jewelry can be customized for you if you prefer a longer or shorter length of chain, a different pearl color or bead drop, a different type of clasp, etc. All ear wires are sterling silver and I can convert some of the earrings into posts or clips also. I would let you know the time frame and the price difference, if any, for these pieces but they shouldn't take more than 2 weeks.


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